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I’m a Romanian graphic designer, music producer and animator based in Bucharest. My practice spans Graphic Design, Art Direction, Editorial, Events, Identity, Branding, UI/UX & Interaction to Animation and Music Production.  I’m always adding new skills to my DNA. Just like a Swiss knife crafted from the finest Romanian steel, I'm built to open any bottle, cut through any challenges, with strength, versatility, and a touch of irony.

A list of clients i enjoyed working for or am still working with:
McCannPR, CCHBC, Nesspresso, Kaufland, ENGIE (RO), Microsoft, HUAWEY, Ericsson, URSUS, Prutul, Glo, J&B, GSK, Janseen, Regina Maria, MSD, Century 21 (US), Sanador, Stejarii Pool Club, Țiriac Leasing, Schwinn (US), Comitetul Olimpic Român, Philip Morris, Auchan, Nestle (US), Romtelecom, China Telecom, DACIA, CBRE-Eurisko (RO), NHS (UK), CITR, DP-World, Triumph Apparel (UK).

When I am not working, you can find me cooking beats on my bootleg home studio with my L.A.P.S.U.S. moniker, visiting my friends, petting random cats, travelling to discover new places and practice “accidental photography” as i like to call it.

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